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Choose a Storage Container

We offer storage containers for rent in the Northern, Central & Eastern Maine Areas

Do you need a container to store your belongings while you move, build, remodel or renovate? Land & Sea Storage offers a variety of storage containers for rent in most of Maine from Augusta North.

Some of our newest options are one-trip containers with:

  • Thick, industrial-grade steel walls
  • Durable wood floors
  • Cargo-worthy interiors
  • 20′ Units
  • 40′ Units
  • Units with doors on both ends (based on availability)

One of these storage containers for rent will protect your things from the elements, pests and would-be intruders. To rent a storage container that provides excellent security, contact us today.

Ask us for details about pricing

Our team can help you rent a storage container for a fair price. Pricing is based on monthly service, with partial months prorated and payment due on the first of each month. We require a credit card on file and we charge for delivery and return up front, so you don’t have to deal with it later.

Call (207) 862-5010 now for a quote on delivery and return.